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taxi platform for freelance drivers

The sale of tokens has ended and total amount contributed is 59.58 ETH, that is much less than awaited. In this regards, we do confirm, that development of the product continues, but we will not be able to comly with the previously announced schedule. Based on the current financial status of the project, we will release end product untill the end of the year 2018. Tokens themself will be availalbe for trading on the exchanges in the course of the next few weeks. You can follow updates in the social media as well as in our Telegram channel or by subscribing to the newsletter.

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why cryderwhy cryder


Any driver can use Cryder without any requirements and start earning extra money. Our 0% commision without fixed fares and additional fees makes Cryder the most profitable platform on the market


There is no central authority that collects, processes and keeps your privacy data. You remain anonymous and all your routes are anonymized


Cryder is an autonomous essence built on Ethereum blockchain. It's behavior is constant and can't be changed, it is invulnerable to any law, regulation and limitation


You can connect to Cryder using any mobile application that is compiled from Cryder open-source. We will compile, publish and maintain one by ourselves, but anyone can make their own version of Cryder application and distribute it on their own. Thereby Cryder cannot be stopped

cryder drivers
cryder passengers

how does cryder work?how does cryder work?

send a request
select the preferred offer
Law regulation
Strict requirements

Cryder technical details are available in Whitepaper

  • User sends a request for a ride with current location and destination
  • All drivers nearby receive this request and make an offer in Cryder tokens
  • User receives all offers and selects the preferred one
  • When offer is accepted, tokens are reserved by Cryder
  • After receiving accept, driver can go to pick up location
  • When user successfully arrives to destination, deal is completed and driver receives his earned tokens

Offers are shown in dollars for informative purposes only.

Cryder is independent, maximally automated, fully anonymous network, that guarantees transaction success.

Cryder tokens overviewCryder tokens overview

Cryder token presale overview

Start date: 20 October 2017 (17:00 UTC+0)

End date: 3 November 2017 (17:00 UTC+0)

Cryder tokens distribution cap: 50,000,000 CDT

Currency accepted: ETH

Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 9,000 CDT

Allowed amount of tokens per person: unlimited

Minimum transaction amount: 0.1 ETH

Maximum transaction amount: unlimited

All unsold tokens will be burned


Day 1: +20% bonus

Day 2: +15% bonus

Day 3: +10% bonus

All tokens allocation
Core team
8% of all sold tokens
Core team tokens will be frozen for one year
Cryder token sale overview

Start date: 20 January 2018 (17:00 UTC+0)

End date: 20 February 2018 (17:00 UTC+0)

Cryder tokens distribution cap: 400,000,000 CRYDER

Currency accepted: ETH

Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 3,000 CRYDER

Amount of tokens per one person: unlimited

Minimum transaction amount: 0.1 ETH

Maximum transaction amount: unlimited

All unsold tokens will be burned


Day 1: +30% bonus

Day 2: +25% bonus

Day 3: +25% bonus

Day 4: +20% bonus

Day 5: +20% bonus

Financial projectionsFinancial projections


More than the third part of raised funds will be used to improve our product


Most of the funds raised will be used for our challenging marketing strategy and campaign


Marketing campaign involves assistance of legal advisers. Legal advisers is a crucial point in any cross-border project


Operational activities aimed at reaching our goals


December 2016
Idea conceived
January 2017
Market analysis and
technical research
March 2017
June 2017
MVP and smart contract
development, preparation
for token presale
October 2017
Token presale
November 2017
Functional product
development, preparation
for token sale
January 2018
Token sale
March 2018
Cryder alpha release
Future goals
Future goals

Expand our team with more experts for further Cryder development:

  • Solidity developers
  • P2P specialists
  • Android/iOS engineers
  • Legal advisers

Expand our marketing department to initiate more complex campaign involving several strategical goals and aims:

  • Expansion into EMEA regions
  • Expansion into Asian regions
  • Expansion into North/South America
EMEA cap
Asia cap
America cap


Dmitry Dmitriev CEO & Lead Engineer

10+ years in Software Engineering, founded and lead several technical startups as CEO & CTO

All our projects were innovative and Cryder was founded with the same aim - to revolutionize the market

Arthur Taranda Product Strategy

4+ years in Atea Latvia, lead several successful full-cycle IT solutions

Taking into account my deep knowledge of IT products, Cryder will benefit from my approach to development and strategical approach

Arthur Zujs Marketing Strategy

6+ years in gaming industry as a Creative and Marketing lead

In Cryder I'll apply all my experience and creativity, to develop the best marketing strategy

Janis Treibergs Chief of Southern
Asia region

6+ years experience in Southern China, as a market analyst, supply chain analyst and relationship manager

My deep knowledge will help our team to conquer and remain at the top of the market chain